Technical Information

"Our Quality Policy 1. Supplying consumer needs and satisfying customer's expectations continuously and in a timely manner without any deficiency, hence keeping the customer satisfaction in maximum level. 2. Providing sustainability in product quality and keeping the product quality standards high. 3. Producing highhest quality and economical products. 4. Providing support for our suppliers' development. 5. Conforming with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, developing the company quality system and giving support for its development. 6. Making delivery of the products ina timely manner by efficient and productive use of our resources. 7. Providing continuous training to our employees in the direction of goals and targets of our company, supporting their personal and professional development, and increasing the satisfaction with the job they have been employed for. 8. Following and applying technological developments. These constitute the quality policy of this company."